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Pentra XLR

Pentra XLR

Hematology Analyzer
Segment: Medical
Division: Hematology
Base Product: Pentra 80 Range
  • Throughput: Up to 80 samples/hour
  • Large capacity auto-loader (100 tubes)
  • Stat sampling on open or closed tubes
  • Automatic Sample Re-run
  • Reagents: Only 5 onboard reagents and 1 diluent
  • Perfect differentiation of the 5 WBC sub-populations with DHSS* Technology
  • 3 histograms for RBC, BAS/WBC and PLT
  • High resolution 5 Diff Matrix include the determination of Atypical Lymphocytes (ALY**) and Large Immature Cells (LIC**)
  • Basophils counted through specific channel
  • High resolution reticulocyte Matrix for three stages of reticulocytes maturation quantification
  • RHCc** Reticulocyte Hemoglobin Cellular content and reticulocytematuration parameters
  • Cytochemistry, Impedance (real cell volume measurement) & Optical (analysis of the internal cellular structure by measuring light absorbance) – Fluorometry – DHSS* technology
  • Integrated Workstation with Color Touch Screen
  • Integrated Validation Station
  • Customized Dilution Ratio (CDR)
  • Micro-sampling from whole blood (CBC, RET: 35µl – Diff: 53µl)

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